About Us

It all started back in 1971 when Frank Perri (currently Founder and President of Perri Fine Furniture) first set out in his modest, suburban garage. Years passed and he gained invaluable knowledge while he apprenticed as an upholsterer. His experience would later yield him a passion for an ambitious future.

Today, after 40 years in furniture manufacturing, Frank has built a reputation of fine quality craftmanship and a distinguished commitment to customer satisfaction. Undoubtedly a master of creation and accountability, Frank is a hands-on proprietor with an effectiveness to detail and implementation.

Truly a Canadian family-oriented company, Frank Perri and Carmela Perri together share over 50 years of furniture manufacturing expertise. With genuine enthusiasm for their craft, the shop attracts old and new customers alike.

Perri Fine Furniture carries a history of high standards….a true testament to ‘Elegance with a Tradition‘.


Perri Fine Furniture of The Canadian Home Furnishings Awards

2003 Award 3050 Chaise
2004 Award 3000 Sofa


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